How to find a good garage door service

Garage doors are like any other working appliance; they break down now and then. It’s not just old ones either; new garage doors can experience problems, too. When this happens it’s best to know what to do to make things right again. You always have the option of do-it-yourself repair, but for those that want the job done by professionals (highly recommended) finding the right garage door service can be a real godsend.


You’ve heard the term “timing is everything?” It holds true with garage door repair. If you are like most, you use your garage door frequently. It is actually the largest door to one of the largest rooms in your home or building. Coming and going through our garage doors has become a way of life; we do it so often we hardly give it a second thought…until something goes wrong and repair, maintenance or new installation is needed!

Many things can affect your garage door appearance and performance including wear, maintenance, weather and usage. Here in Smyrna, GA we have cold winters and very humid summers so it’s best to accommodate for those factors. If you live elsewhere you might be dealing with dry summer heat or wet, rainy seasons that can also affect your garage door.

Smyrna Garage Door Repair recommends that you find a garage door service company EARLY and most likely before you actually need one. We love our conveniences and luxuries and a well working, good looking garage door is one of them. Should yours need service, it’s always smart to have a professional service that you trust and can rely on ready to step in and render assistance.

What to look for

As you can imagine, not all garage door services are the same. It helps to know what to look for in one that you would like to work with in the future (or now!). But, where do you start looking? Every decent sized town has a number of services to choose from and that holds true for Smyrna, GA and the whole Atlanta metro area, as well.

Ask around

People LOVE to give advice so now may be a good time to ask for it. Inquire with your co-workers, circle of friends, family members or customers if you are a business owner. Get people’s opinions both bad and good about garage door services they’ve used in the recent past. You’d be surprised what you can learn from doing this. Drop a few names here and there; businesses love to hear that their service was recommended by a customer and you might just get your referring friend and discount on their next service job!

Check the BBB

The Better Business Bureau is NOT a government agency or regulatory body. They have no enforcement authority but they do have good thing going for them; people love to complain to them when something goes wrong. Give the Atlanta, GA BBB a call or go online and do a search on their site. Smyrna area businesses are included in this office. If you are reading this and live elsewhere, do the same for your area. Note that the business does not have to be a member to be reputable so don’t worry about that but look instead for unresolved complaints from customers. Also, a few resolved ones is nothing to worry about as most local businesses get them from time to time. It’s the ones that were left UN resolved that should raise a red flag.

Expect quality

Don’t view your garage door service company as mere handymen or as a “Mr. fix-all” neighbor who tinkers in his garage all day. Expect more and you will get more. Selecting a good garage door service company should be treated the same as choosing any other home improvement contractor. They should answer the phone professionally. They should be licensed, bonded and insured. Do they offer free estimates and price quotes? Here’s a big one; do they offer round the clock emergency service in case that you need it? Ask for references and see how they react to that. Did they willingly and cheerfully give them to you or did they hesitate to answer?

Don’t be fooled by ads!

Are you impressed with ads, at times? If you see a huge yellow page ad or a website with lots of flashing lights and big banners does that wow you? Well, don’t be too impressed! Big flashy ads or gaudy websites really just mean that the company spent more to advertise – it’s not an indication of quality or trustworthiness at all.

Ask questions

Never be afraid to ask questions and don’t assume anything! You can ask potential garage door service companies about service fees, warranty coverage, names of references, product or service guarantees, advertised specials, licensing, labor charges, weekend availability, current specials, insurance coverage, emergency fees and anything else that might come to mind.

Add to smart phones

Have you chosen a garage door service company to work with yet? Maybe you’ve narrowed the list down to two or three. Be sure to add one or two of them to your smart phone address book for easy access when you DO wind up needing them. Having fast access to pre-qualified garage door service can be a real godsend when one of your springs snaps, or your garage door opener stops working.

If you need service now

Do you need garage door service at the present? Make sure you get two or three estimates from different companies and don’t forget to ask about warranties for any products or hardware they may be using. While you are at it; be sure to inquire about total charges and not just service fees. Are there product fees, travel charges, or extra labor costs involved? Each company or shop varies so be sure to ask.

Be sure not to authorize a repair or other service work before the technician explains the exact problem and the cost of the solution.

Most of these tips are just common sense; follow them and you’ll get the most out of your Smyrna, GA garage door repair and service work!